ISJ-Rationale and Call for Papers

* -- Call for Papers -- *

Welcome to Island Studies Journal: a web-based, freely downloadable, open access, peer reviewed, electronic journal that publishes papers ...

  • advancing and critiquing the study of issues affecting or involving islands;
  • reviewing, surveying, or providing a fresh perspective on existing and upcoming ‘island studies’ literature;
  • promoting and supporting the comparative study of islands, or of issues, policies and developments thereof;
  • seeing islands as part of complex systems of regional or global interaction and therefore also focusing on ‘island-mainland’ relations and comparisons;
  • disseminating island-based and island-tested best practices that may be proposed, adopted or adapted by island communities, entrepreneurs, governments or civil society associations;
  • encouraging the development of island studies, this being the inter-disciplinary and pluri-disciplinary study of islands on their own terms;
  • reviewing books, monographs and other educational initiatives which purport to contribute to island knowledge;
  • developing an audience for island studies scholarship and a reputable platform for the growing scholarly community interested in island studies: including teachers, researchers, community representatives, students and public policy officials who are interested in, hail from, live on, or work on, islands… as well as islanders generally.