New Literatures Review: Islands Special (2011)

A double special issue of the literature journal New Literatures Review (NLR) was published in 2011, and dedicated to Island Studies. We have here the whole collection of papers published in this special issue in pdf format, along with the editorial introduction by guest issue editor Elizabeth DeLoughrey.

Pdfs of each contribution are available below:

DeLoughrey, Ellizabeth - Introduction: Of Oceans and Islands

Bragard, Veronique - 'Righting' the Expulsion of Diego Garcia's 'Unpeople': The Island Space as Heterotopia in Literary Texts about the Chagos Islands

Carrigan, Anthony - (Eco)Catastrophe, Reconstruction, and Representation: Montserrat and the Limits of Sustainability

DeLoughrey, Elizabeth - On Kala Pani and Transoceanic Fluids

Fletcher, Lisa -  '…some distance to go': A Critical Review of Island Studies

Heim, Otto - Breath as a Metaphor of Sovereignty and Connectedness in Pacific Island Poetry

Percopo, Luisa - On the Trail of the Post-Colonial: Transcultural Spaces, Cosmopolitanism, and the Islands of the Mediterranean

Savory, Elaine - Utopia, Dystopia and Caribbean Heterotopia: Writing/Reading the Small Island

Sharrad, Paul - Filling the Blanks: Mariquita, a Hybrid Biography from Guam

Sudo, Naoto - Japanese Colonial Representations of the 'South Island': Textual Hybridity, Transracial Love Plots and Postcolonial Consciousness

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