ISJ-Submission Instructions for Authors

Journal Guidelines For Authors

To submit a manuscript, a review essay or a book review to be considered for publication in ISJ, kindly e-mail it to the editors at: All correspondence will proceed via e-mail.

In submitting a manuscript to ISJ, authors are also confirming that they do not have an identical manuscript under review, or somehow being considered for publication, with any other journal at the same time.

Those scholars in a position to do so will be invited to submit a nominal processing fee of Can $15 or a rounded equivalent (€10 – US$15 - GB£10 – 1,500 ¥ or AUS$15) along with their manuscript. This donation will go towards covering the maintenance costs for this web-site. This fee is not refundable. Contact the editor should you wish to discuss this.

No processing fee accompanies book review submissions.