Small Business from Small Islands - The NISSOS Project


A 3-year, pilot project identifying ‘best practice’ data collated from 10 successful, locally owned, export oriented, manufacturing firms from 5 island regions in Europe.
Lead Partner
Malta Enterprise

1. Introduction
2. The Nissos Project and its Partners
3. Showcasing Successful Manufacturing Firms
4. Research Methodology

  Real Stories of 5 firms --
working with locally available raw materials
Real Stories of 5 firms --
working with high technology products
from Aland Snickarboden Consilia Solutions
from Iceland Lysi Frisk Software
from Malta Mdina Glass Shireburn Software
from Saaremaa Saare Paat Baltic Workboats
from Scottish Isles Shetland Designer Gaeltec
  Discussion Discussion

5. Conclusions

Links to NISSOS-based journal articles:

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Baldacchino G. (2005) - Successful Small-Scale Manufacturing: A Comparative Assessment across Five European Island Regions’, Bank of Valletta Review (Malta), No. 31 (Spring), pp. 17-31. Click here.