Vol. 5 (1) (May 2010)

Island Studies Journal - Vol. 5, No. 1, May 2010

Pages 1 - 2:                Contents
Pages 3 - 4:                Editorial: Five Years On
                                   Godfrey Baldacchino
Pages  5 - 24:             ‘Small Places like St Helena have Big Questions to Ask’:
The Inaugural Lecture of a Professor of Island Geography

                                    Stephen A. Royle

                                    [Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Pages 25 - 42:             Issues and Tensions in Island Heritage Management:
A Case Study of Motuihe Island, New Zealand
                                    David Bade

                                    [Abstract] [Full Article PDF]

Pages 43 - 60:             Folk Toponymy and Offshore Fishing Ground Names on the
                                    Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Pages 61 - 88:            From Incremental to Comprehensive: Towards Island-Friendly European Union Policymaking
                                    Stefano Moncada, Marguerite Camilleri, Saviour Formosa &
                                    Roberta Galea
                                  [Abstract] [Full Article PDF]
 Pages 89 - 110:          European Islands, Development and the Cohesion Policy:
A Case Study of Kökar, Åland Islands
Pages 111 - 138:       Encyclopaedia of Islands by Rosemary G. Gillespie & David A. Clague (editors). (reviewer: R. J. Berry).
Transnational Archipelago: Perspectives on Cape Verdean Migration and Diaspora by Luís Batalha & Jørgen Carling (editors). (reviewer: Pedro F. Marcelino).
The CARIFORUM and Pacific ACP Economic Partnership Agreements: Challenges Ahead by ChristopherStevens, Jane Kennan & Mareike Meyn. (reviewer: Marie Freckleton).
The Rising Sea byOrrin H. Pilkey & Rob Young.
(reviewer: Ilan Kelman).

The Island of Canada: How Three Oceans Shaped Our Nation by Victor Suthren. (reviewer: Godfrey Baldacchino).
Besoin d’îles by Louis Brigand. (reviewer: H. E. Chehabi).
Transoceanic Dialogues: Coolitude in Caribbean and Indian Ocean Literatures byVéronique Bragard. (reviewer: Vanessa Smith).
Islas: la exuberancia del límite, a special issue of Revista de Occidente, byJorge Lozano (editor). (reviewer: Chet Van Duzer).
Lost Islands: Inventing Avalon, Destroying Eden by Kevan Manwaring. (reviewer: Chet Van Duzer).
Islands: A Trip through Time and Space by Peter Conrad.
(reviewer: Laurie Brinklow).
Decolonizing Cultures in the Pacific: Reading History and Trauma in Contemporary Fiction by Susan Y. Najita.
Nordic Landscapes, Region and Belonging on theNorthern Edge of Europe by Michael Jones & Kenneth R. Olwig (editors).
(reviewer: Ray Burnett).
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