ISJ 5-2-2010

Island Studies Journal - Vol. 5, No. 2, November 2010



Pages 139 - 140: Contents


Scholarly Articles:

Pages 141 - 164:  Saltwater Chronicles: Reading Representational Spaces in Selected Book Clubs in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Judith P. Robertson, David Lewkowich and Jennifer Rottmann

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Pages 165 - 192: Islanders in Community: Identity Negotiation through Sites of Conflict and Transcripts of Power

Michael Stephan Gibbons

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Pages 193 - 216: Island Transport, Car Ownership and Use: A Focus on Practices in Cuba, Malta, Mauritius and Singapore

James P. Warren and Marcus P. Enoch

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Pages 217 - 236: Island Connections: Icelandic Spatiality in the Wake of Worldly Linkages

David Bjarnason

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Pages 237 - 250: Mariculture and Marine Spatial Planning: Integrating Local Ecological Knowledge at Kaledupa Island, Indonesia

Brian W. Szuster and Hatim Albasri

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Review Essay:


Pages 251 - 260: Teaching Island Studies: On Whose Terms?

Kathleen Stuart

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Book Reviews:


Pages 261 - 276  [Full Book Reviews Section PDF]

Climate Change and Small Island States: Power, Knowledge and the South Pacific by Jon Barnett & John Campbell. (reviewers: Ilan Kelman and Carol Farbotko);

Person and Place: Ideas, Ideals and the Practice of Sociality on Vanua Lava, Vanuatu by Sabine Hess. (reviewer: Susanne Kuehling).

Frommer's 500 Extraordinary Islands by Julie Duchaine, Holly Hughes, Alexis Lipsitz Flippin & Sylvie Murphy. (reviewer: Chet Van Duzer).

Il Mito della Terra Perduta: Da Atlantide a Thule [The Myth of the Lost Land: From Atlantis to Thule] by Davide Bigalli. (reviewer: Daniele Mezzana);

Des Marges aux Frontieres. Les Puissances en Mediterranee a l'Epoque Moderne [From Margins to Frontiers: Mediterranean Powers in the Modern Age] by Anne Brogini & Maria Ghazali (editors). (reviewer: Aline Durel).

Island Enclaves: Offshoring Strategies, Creative Governance, and Subnational Island Jurisdictions by Godfrey Baldacchino. (reviewer: Stephen A. Royle).


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