Vol. 9 (2) (Nov 2014)

Island Studies Journal – ISSN: 1715 – 2593
Vol. 9, No. 2, November 2014


Pages 181 - 182: Table of Contents

Scholarly Articles

Pages 183 - 292: Special Section: Island Cities

Pages 183 - 190: Guest editorial introduction: Understanding island cities - Adam Grydehøj [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 191 - 204: Defining the island city: ancient right versus modern metropolis, as considered at Peel, Isle of Man - Patricia Adrienne Tutt [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 205 - 222: Constructing a centre on the periphery: urbanization and urban design in the island city of Nuuk, Greenland - Adam Grydehøj [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 223 - 238: Insular identity and urban contexts: representations of the local in the construction of an image of Palma (Majorca, Balearic Islands) - Mercè Picornell [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 239 - 258: Tourism capitalism and island urbanization: tourist accommodation diffusion in the Balearics, 1936-2010 - Antoni Pons, Onofre Rullan & Ivan Murray [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 259 - 276: Accidental and ideal island cities: islanding processes and urban design in Belize City and the urban archipelagos of Europe - Elizabeth Pigou-Dennis & Adam Grydehøj [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 277 - 292: The epistemology of a sea view: mindscapes of space, power and value in Mumbai - Ramanathan Swaminathan [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Other Papers

Pages 293 - 306: Accessibility of islands: towards a new geography based on transportation modes and choices - Sofia Karampela, Thanasis Kizos & Ioannis Spilanis [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 307 - 326: Development of a behavioural framework for analyzing employment mobility decisions in island areas: the case of the Aegean Islands, Greece - Eleni Kitrinou [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 327 - 342: Water resources and the historic wells of Barbuda: tradition, heritage and hope for a sustainable future - Rebecca Boger, Sophia Perdikaris, Amy E. Potter, John Mussington, Reginald Murphy, Louise Thomas, Calvin Gore & Dwight Finch [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 343 - 362: Immigrants, islandness and perceptions of quality-of-life on Prince Edward Island, Canada - James E. Randall, Peter Kitchen, Nazeem Muhajarine, Bruce Newbold, Allison Williams & Kathleen Wilson [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 363 - 366: A note on the significance of geographic location in island studies - Jerome L. McElroy & Holly Lucas [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 367 - 372: The significance of geographic location in island studies: a rejoinder (1) - Harvey W. Armstrong & Robert Read [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 373 - 376: The significance of geographic location in island studies: a rejoinder (2) - Bernard Poirine [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 377 - 382: A response to McElroy & Lucas - Geoff Bertram [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 383 - 384: Responding to Armstrong & Read, Poirine and Bertram - Jerome L. McElroy [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Book Reviews:

Pages 385 - 402:

Atoll island states and international law: Climate change displacement and sovereignty by Lilian Yamamoto & Miguel Esteban (reviewer: Ilan Kelman)

Stolen isles: Shetland’s true status by Stuart Hill (reviewer: Godfrey Baldacchino)

Making Micronesia: A political biography of Tosiwo Nakayama by David Hanlon (reviewer: David Kupferman)

Biodiversity and societies in the Pacific Islands by Sébastien Larrue (Ed.) (reviewer: Russell Fielding)

Backpacker tourism and economic development: Perspectives from the less economic developed world by Mark P. Hampton; Tourism and inclusive growth in small island developing states by Mark P. Hampton & Julia Jeyacheya (reviewer: Kevin M. Hannum)

Tax havens and sovereignty in the Pacific Islands by Anthony Van Fossen (reviewer: Jane Gravelle)

Special issue: Tiritiri Matangi Island: 25 years of ecological restoration. New Zealand Journal of Ecology, 37(3), 2013, by Mel Galbraith, John Craig, Neil Mitchell & Hester Cooper (Eds.) (reviewer: David Bade)

Soqotra archipelago (Yemen): Toward systemic and scientifically objective sustainability in development and conservation by Fabio Attorre (Ed.) (reviewer: Russell Fielding)

In the interval of the wave: Prince Edward Island women’s nineteenth- and early twentieth-century life writing by Mary McDonald-Rissanen (reviewer: Kristie Collins)

Transitioning to a green economy: Political economy of approaches in small states by Nadine Smith, Anna Halton & Janet Strachan (Eds.) (reviewer: Ioannis Spilanis).


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