Island Studies Journal - ISSN: 1715 – 2593 Vol. 11, No. 1, May 2016


 Pages 1-4:        Table of Contents


 Scholarly Papers

 Pages 5-130:    Thematic Section I: 

                        Sustainable development and environmental conservation in the Outermost European Regions

                        (Guest Editor: Artur Gil )

 Pages 5-8:        Editorial introduction to thematic section – Artur Gil [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 9-34:      Tools for the sustainability assessment in insular socio-ecological systems – Isabel Banos-González

                        Julia Martínez-Fernández  and Miguel Ángel Esteve [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 35-56:    In the Azores, looking for the regions of knowing – Alison Laurie Neilson, Carlos de Bulhão Pato

                        Rosalina Gabriel, Ana Moura Arroz, Enésima Mendonça  and Ana Picanço 

                        [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 57-90:    Understanding and mapping local conflicts related to protected areas in small islands: a case study of the

                         Azores archipelago – Chiara Bragagnolo, Margarida Pereira, Kiat Ng and Helena Calado 

                         [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 91-112:  Urban-touristic impacts in the aeolian sedimentary systems of the Canary Islands: conflict between      

                        development and conservation – Leví García RomeroAntonio I. Hernández-Cordero

                         Elisabeth Fernández-CabreraCarolina Peña-AlonsoLuis Hernández-Calvento and Emma Pérez-

                         Chacón [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 113-130: Aridity, desalination plants and tourism in the eastern Canary Islands 

                        – José-León García RodríguezFrancisco J. García-Rodríguez and Carlos Castilla Gutiérrez 

                        [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]


 Pages 131-208: Thematic Section II:

                         Papers from the Excellence Network of Island Territories (RETI) meetings in Orkney, June 2015.

                         (Guest Editor: James E. Randall )

 Pages 131-132: Editorial introduction to thematic section: Papers from the Excellence Network of Island Territories (RETI)

                         meetings, Orkney, June 2015 – James E. Randall [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 133-144: A man and his island: the island mirror in island fiction – Laurie Brinklow 

                         [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 145-160: Islands erased by snow and ice: approaching the spatial philosophy of cold-water island fictions

                         – Johannes Riquet [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 161-176: Evaluating the impact of agritourism on local development in small islands 

                         – Sofia KarampelaThanasis Kizos and Ioannis Spilanis [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 177-192: Migration, education and employment decisions of islanders: understanding the role of sociocultural

                         factors in shaping individual decisions and economic outcomes in Orkney and Shetland

                         – Rosie Alexander  [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 193-208: Good work? Scottish cultural workers’ narratives about working and living on islands

                         – Lynda Harling Stalker and Kathryn A. Burnett [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]


Other Scholarly Papers

 Pages 209-226: Assessing the tangible and intangible benefits of tourism: perceptions of economic, social, and cultural

                         impacts in Labrador’s Battle Harbour Historic District – Howard Ramos, Mark Stoddart and David Chafe   

                         [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 227-244: Innovation in island ecotourism in different contexts: Yakushima (Japan) and Tahiti and its Islands

                         – Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre  and Carolin Funck [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 245-264: Tourism as the development driver of Easter Island: the key role of resident perceptions

                         – Eugenio Figueroa B. and Elena S. Rotarou [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 265-284: Governance of ecosystem services on small islands: three contrasting cases for St. Eustatius in

                         the Dutch Caribbean – Nico PolmanStijn Reinhard, Linde van Bets and Tom Kuhlman 

                         [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Review Essays

 Pages 285-290: Beyond the island of metrics: a comment on Stratford’s ten years of Island Studies Journal

                         – Joshua Nash [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 291-306: Urban growth and cultural identity: fractures and imbalances with the value of heritage: the case of

                         Saint-Louis of Senegal, Africa - Lucía Martínez-Quintana and Eduardo Cáceres-Morales 

                        [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 307-314: The Beagle Conflict - Peter van Aert [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 315-320: The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement: outcomes and their impacts on small island states

                         – Darren Hoad [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Book Reviews

Pages 321-336

Japan’s border issues: Pitfalls and prospects by Akihiro Iwashita. (reviewer: Godfrey Baldacchino).  

Islands of identity: History writing and identity formation in five island regions in the Baltic Sea by Samuel Edquist & Janne Holmén. (reviewer: Atina Nihtinen).  

Niue 1774–1974: 200 years of contact and change by Margaret Pointer. (reviewer: Linda Austin). 

Malta: Women, history, books and places by Susanna Hoe. (reviewer: Yosanne Vella).

L’ile, regards orientaux: Varia orientalia, biblica et antiqua by Acta Orientalia Belgica. (reviewer: Jean Marie Breton). 

Planet/Cuba: Art, culture and the future of the island by Rachel Price. (reviewer: James P. Warren)  

Mondes clos: Les îles by Daniel Barbu, Nicolas Meylan and Youri Volokhine (Eds.). (reviewer: Johannes Riquet)  

Expedición al México de ultramar by Víctor Busteros; Estrategias de adaptación en las Islas Marías by Nelson Álvarez & María de la Luz Sevilla; Clipperton by Pablo Raphael. (reviewer: Jesús Israel Baxin Martínez). 




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