Vol. 11(2) (Nov 2016)

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Vol.11, No. 2, November 2016


Pages 337 – 338: Table of Contents

Scholarly Articles:

Thematic Section 1: Island Toponymies (guest editor: Joshua Nash)

Pages 339 – 342: Editorial: Do island toponymies exist? - Joshua Nash [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 343 – 358: Mapping the Outer Hebrides in sound: towards a sonic methodology - Cathy Lane [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 359 – 368: Populating the landscape with absent friends: the use of personal names in Palmerston Island toponyms - Rachel Hendery [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 369 – 380: From medieval Dar al-Islam to contemporary Malta: raḥl toponymy in a wider western Mediterranean context - Charles Dalli  [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 381 – 398: A different view from the sea: place naming on Cape Breton Island - William Davey [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 399 – 416: Cedros: Origin and permanence of the place names in a Mexican Pacific Island - Jesús Israel Baxin Martínez and Carmen Sámano Pineda [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 417 – 430: Enduring perceptions: Place naming and the perception of Louisiana’s salt dome islands - Philip Hayward [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 431 – 436: An island, some fishers and a few placenames: a research note - Joshua Nash [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Thematic Section 2: Islands and Decolonization (guest editors: Adam Grydehøj & Yaso Nadarajah)

Pages 437 – 446: Editorial: Island studies as a decolonial project - Yaso Nadarajah and Adam Grydehøj - [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 447 – 464: Critiquing the SNIJ Hypothesis with Corsica and Hawai’i - Zachary Androus and Neyooxet Greymorning  [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 465 – 484: Greenland and the Pacific Islands: an improbable conjunction of development trajectories - John Connell [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 485 – 504: Decolonizing Creole: creative practices in Mauritian Creole - Gitanjali Pyndiah [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 505 – 520: Adapting postcolonial societies: Fiji and the Solomon Islands in the Pacific - Adrien Rodd [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 521 – 536: The transformation of island city politics: the case of Macau - Li Sheng [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 537 – 560: Museum collection decolonization and indigenous cultural heritage in an island community: East Greenland and the ‘Roots 2 Share’ Photo Project - Cunera Buijs - [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Other Scholarly Papers:

Pages 561 – 584: Governance, corporate social responsibility and cooperation in sustainable tourist destinations: the case of the island of Fuerteventura - Olga González-MoralesJosé Antonio Álvarez-GonzálezM. Ángeles Sanfiel-Fumero and Yaiza Armas-Cruz [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 585 – 600: Civil participation between private and public spheres: the island sphere and fishing communities in the Azores archipelago - Alison Laurie Neilson and Rita São Marcos [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 601 – 618: Different shades of green on small islands - Teresa TiagoSandra Dias FariaJoão Luís CogumbreiroJoão Pedro Couto and Flávio Tiago [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 619 – 636: The research management profession within universities in small island states - Christian Bonnici and Vincent Cassar [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 637 – 650: The genre of islands: popular fiction and performance geographies - Ralph Crane and Lisa Fletcher [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 651 - 672: Sustainable development? Salmon aquaculture and late modernity in the archipelago of Chiloe', Chile - Jonathan R. Barton and Álvaro Román [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Review Essays:

Pages 673 – 686: Interdisciplinary island studies: connecting the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities - Sietze J. NorderKenneth F. Rijsdijk [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF] [Course Manual] [Assignment:Chapter-Paper+Criteria] [Paper Layout] [Chapter Layout] [Presentation Format] [2016 E-Book Compilation]

Pages 687 - 700: Changing politics, economics and relations on the small remote island of Fair Isle - Richard W Butler [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Pages 701 – 714: Lighthouses, pilotage and technology: the impact on small island societies - Per Lind [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]
Pages 715 – 728: Decolonizing through integration: Australia's off-shore island territories - Roger Wettenhall [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

Book Reviews:

Pages 729 – 746:

The empire’s edge: Militarization, resistance and transcending hegemony in the Pacific by Jeffrey Sasha Davis. (reviewer: Catherine Lutz)

The heart and the island: A critical study of Sicilian American literature by Chiara Mazzucchelli (reviewer: Guglielmo Tita)

Islands,islanders and the Bible: RumInations by Jione Havea (Ed.) (reviewer: Gilles Vidal)

Fast grund under fødderne: Ø-filosofiske pejlemærker (In Danish). [Solid ground under one’s feet: Island-philosophical indicators] by Jørgen Rasmussen (reviewer: Owe Ronström)

Isles of amnesia: The history, geography and restoration of America's forgotten Pacific islands by Mark J. Rauzon (reviewer: Jeffrey Sasha Davis

Disappearing island states in international law by Jenny Grote Stoutenburg (reviewer: Meinhard Doelle

Self-determinable development of small islands by Masahide Ishihara, Eiichi Hoshino and Yoko Fujita (Eds.) (reviewer: Thanasis Kizos). 

La cité du soleil et les territoires des hommes: Le savoir du monde chez Campanella by Jean-Louis Fournel (reviewer: Jean Paul De Lucca)

Shipwreck and island motifs in literature and the arts by Brigette Le Juez and Olga Springer (Eds.) (reviewer: Ralph Crane).


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