Articles ahead of print

On sensing island spaces and the spatial practice of island-making: introducing island poetics, Part I - Daniel Graziadei, Britta Hartmann, Ian Kinane, Johannes Riquet, & Barney Samson

Island metapoetics and beyond: introducing island poetics, Part II - Daniel Graziadei, Britta Hartmann, Ian Kinane, Johannes Riquet, & Barney Samson

Passport sales: how island microstates use strategic management to organise the new economic citizenship industry - Anthony van Fossen

Resident and visitor perceptions of island tourism: green sea turtle ecotourism in Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan - Yu-Long Chao & Shang-Yu Chao

Bridges, tunnels, and ferries: connectivity, transport, and the future of Hong Kong’s outlying islands - Abraham Leung, Michael Tanko, Matthew Burke, & C.S. Shui

Implications of tourism development on islets: Ilot Bernaches, Mauritius, as a destination management case study Vanessa Gaitree Gowreesunkar, Masood A. Naqvi, & Hugues Séraphin

Salt marsh synthesis: local politics, local identity perception and autonomy initiatives on Canvey Island (Essex, UK) - Philip Hayward 

Migratory patterns and population redistribution in China’s Zhoushan Archipelago in the context of rapid urbanizationWenze Yue, Shuangshuang Qiu, Huan Zhang, & Jiaguo Qi 

Urban morphology and urban fragmentation in Macau, China: island city development in the Pearl River Delta megacity regionNi Sheng, U Wa Tang, & Adam Grydehøj 

Narrating islands: fragmentation and totality as figures of thought in Raoul Schrott’s workOriana Schällibaum 

Island ecosystem services value, land-use change, and the National New Area Policy in Zhoushan Archipelago, China Shuangshuang QiuWenze YueHuan Zhang, &  Jiaguo Qi 

The floating community of Muslims in the island city of GuangzhouPing Su 

Sacred islands and island symbolism in Ancient and Imperial China: an exercise in decolonial island studiesBin Luo & Adam Grydehøj

Social adaptability in ecotones: sea-level rise and climate change adaptation in Flushing and the Isles of Scilly, UK - Jan Petzold

Locating Zhuhai between land and sea: a relational production of Zhuhai, China, as an island city - Gang Hong