Ahead of print

Islandness within climate change narratives of small island developing states (SIDS) - Ilan Kelman

An exercise in decision support modelling for islands: a case study for a ‘typical’ Mediterranean island - Anna Tsoukala,  Ioannis Spilanis, Isabel Banos-González, Julia Martínez-Fernández, Miguel Angel Esteve-Selma, & George Tsirtsis

“The place where I live is where I belong”: community perspectives on climate change and climate-related migration in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu - Nikita Perumal

Adapting to climate change impacts in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia: the importance of environmental conditions and intangible cultural heritage - Reed M. Perkins & Stefan Michael Krause

Subnational climate justice for the French Outre-mer: postcolonial politics and geography of an epistemic shift - Malcom Ferdinand

Relationality and island studies in the Anthropocene - Jonathan Pugh

Craft, textiles, and cultural assets in the Northern Isles: innovation from tradition in the Shetland Islands - Lynn-Sayers McHattie, Katherine Champion, & Cara Broadley

Effective island brand architecture: promoting island tourism in the Canary Islands and other archipelagos - Arminda Almeida-Santana & Sergio Moreno-Gil

Islands of islands: responses to the centre-periphery fractal model in East Futuna (Wallis and Futuna) and the Belep Islands (New Caledonia) - Adriano Favole & Lara Giordana

Perceptions of entrepreneurial ecosystems in remote islands and core regions - Carmen Freitas & Michael Kitson

Tourism economies and islands’ resilience to the global financial crisis - Katarzyna Podhorodecka

Salt marsh synthesis: local politics, local identity perception and autonomy initiatives on Canvey Island (Essex, UK) - Philip Hayward

Passport sales: how island microstates use strategic management to organise the new economic citizenship industry -
Anthony van Fossen

Social adaptability in ecotones: sea-level rise and climate change adaptation in Flushing and the Isles of Scilly, UK - Jan Petzold

Implications of tourism development on islets: Ilot Bernaches, Mauritius, as a destination management case study - Vanessa Gaitree Gowreesunkar, Masood A. Naqvi, & Hugues Séraphin