Vol. 15(1) (May 2020)

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Table of Contents (pp. 1-2)

Thematic section

The spectrum of island sovereignty: Exploring the spaces between independence and dependence, statehood and non-sovereignty, autonomy and control (Editor: Adam Grydehøj)

A composite index of formal sovereignty for small islands and coastal territories — François Alberti & Michaël Goujon (pp. 3-24)

How far can one go? How distance matters in island development — Godfrey Baldacchino (pp. 25-42)

A global comparison of non-sovereign island territories: the search for ‘true equality’ — Malcom Ferdinand, Gert Oostindie, & Wouter Veenendaal (pp. 43-66)

Triangular negotiations of island sovereignty: Indigenous and customary authorities - metropolitan states - local metropolitan authorities — Cadey Korson, Sybille Poaouteta, & Gerard Prinsen (pp. 67-88)

Unravelling economic dependence and independence in relation to island sovereignty: The case of Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) — Adam Grydehøj (pp. 89-112)

Ideas and impact: Continuity, change and constraints in the institutional landscape of Curaçao, Sint Maarten, and Trinidad and Tobago — Genève Phillip-Durham (pp. 113-130)

Between high autonomy and sovereign control in a subnational island jurisdiction: The paradox of Hong Kong under ‘One Country, Two Systems’ — Samson Yuen & Edmund W. Cheng (pp. 131-150)

The sovereignty of the Crown Dependencies and the British Overseas Territories in the Brexit era — Maria Mut Bosque (pp. 151-168)

Mainland development policy in an autonomous subnational island jurisdiction: spatial development and economic dependence in Jeju, South Korea — Seon-Pil Kim (pp. 169-184)

Other scholarly papers                        

Doing research on, with and about the island: Reflections on islandscape — Sarah Nimführ & Laura Otto (pp. 185-204)

Anywhere but here: Experiences of islandness in Pearl River Delta island tourism — Zhikang Wang & Mia M. Bennett (pp. 205-222)

Bounded by heritage and the Tamar: Cornwall as ‘almost an island’ — Philip Hayward & Christian Fleury (pp. 223-236)

Planning island sustainable development policy based on the theory of ecosystem services: A case study of Zhoushan Archipelago, East China — Huan Zhang & Yang Xiao (pp. 237-252)

Cultural role of sea turtles on Rapa Nui (Easter Island): Spatial and temporal contrast in the Pacific island region — Rocío Álvarez-Varas, Héctor Barrios-Garrido, Iohandy Skamiotis-Gómez, & Robert Petitpas (pp. 253-270)

Book reviews

Didactics and the modern robinsonade by Ian Kinane (Ed.) (reviewer: Tania Martha Thomas)

The Dark Island: Leprosy in New Zealand and the Quail Island Colony by Benjamin Kingsbury (reviewer: Bob Frame)

On the backs of tortoises: Darwin, the Galápagos, and the fate of an evolutionary Eden by Elizabeth Hennesy (reviewer: Matthew J. Zinsli)

Phantom islands: In search of mythical land by Dirk Liesemer (reviewer: Shashwati Shankar)

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