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Kish is an Iranian island and city in the Persian Gulf, and is part of the Hormozgan province.

It is an elliptical island with an east-west length of 13km and 7km width running north-south. The Island’s highest point is at its eastern part which rises about 45m above sea level.

Persian Gulf, 18km south of Iranian coast.

Latitude and Longitude:
Between 53 53 to 54 4 E and between 26 29 to 26 35 N.

Time Zone:
GMT +3

Total Land Area:


It has a warm and humid climate with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The weather is temperate and pleasant in fall, winter and two months into the spring. The humidity is high in the majority of the months of the year. The humid season begins in mid-April and continues for nine months. Kish receives little and varying rainfall like in other parts of the Persian Gulf. The average annual rainfall in the island is 170mm, 82% of which falls in winter, 10 % in fall and the rest in spring and summer.

Natural Resources:
Natural drinking water.


Total GDP:

Per Capita GDP:

% of GDP per Sector:
  Primary Secondary Tertiary

% of Population Employed by Sector
  Primary Secondary Tertiary

External Aid/Remittances:

Since the mid-1990s the Iranian government has embarked on an aggressive promotional and developmental campaign to tailor Kish as a formidable rival to Dubai. Steps taken in order to accomplish this include launching massive construction projects and programs designed to attract foreign investment and trade. Some 19 industrial units have so far been set up on the Persian Gulf island of Kish in partnership with foreign investors, Fars news agency said, quoting a report by Secretariat of the High Council of Free Trade Zones. When operational, these units could provide jobs for 1,080 people. About 39.5 million USD have been invested in the projects. Investors from Britain, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, France, Taiwan, and United Arab Emirates are involved in several industrial projects on the island. Some Canada-based Iranian businesspersons have also joined in over the past few years.

Labour Force:

Year: Unemployment Rate (% of pop.)

Kish Island produces various oil and gas industry equipment such as those used in drilling operations. Also manufactured on the island are sanitary products, streamer cables. There are printing and packaging facilities on the island, too. Kish has become a focus of attention for wealthy expatriate Iranians with some of them already involved in major tourist projects on the island.

Niche Industry:

Kish is a tourist island; it annually hosts 1.5 million guests, heavy investment has been made there by the Kish Trade Promotion Organization, and the private sector to establish hotels and motels. Kish currently has 11 hotels, 12 apartment hotels, 18 motels and 4 guesthouses with 6500 beds. Due to its natural attractions, pleasant weather more than seven months a year, and several recreational and sports centers, today the island has turned into a favourite tourism destination in Iran and the region.


Imports and Exports:

Tot. Value of Imports 0.00 ()
From Eu:
Import Partners (EU:)
Partners Outside EU:
Import Partners:
Tot. Value of Exports ()
To Eu:
Export Partners:
Partners Outside EU::
Export Partners:
Main Imports:
Main Exports:



Number of Airports: 1
Kish international airport manages daily flights which connect the Island with 12 major cities in Iran and more than 10 destinations abroad. Kish Airlines has operated since 1989. Kish Island’s International Airport can receive jumbo aircraft. Over 20 domestic and overseas flights transfer passengers from and to Kish Island daily. Kish Airport is furnished with two passenger terminals. Two others are scheduled to be built in the near future.

Number of Main Ports: 1
The Kish harbour designed with a depth of 4 m, can accommodate 2000 ton vessels. Kish’s port area is furnished with a quayage 800m long and 4.7m deep and can anchor vessels of up to 10,000 ton capacity. Not very far from the coast, the seawater is 18m deep; hence, giant vessels can be easily accommodated. Passenger and cargo vessels run between Kish and other destinations in mainland Iran and the Persian Gulf coastal states. The passenger terminal in Kish Port is 4300 sq.m in area and has been operative since 1997.



The city network of roads and avenues in Kish is 37 km long. A beltway called Donya (world) encircles the Island and provides easy access to different parts of Kish. Regular public taxi and mini-bus services plus rent-a-car and private call-cab agencies are also operating.


Other Forms of Transportation:

Economic Zones:

Energy Policy:

Year Total Energy Production (Mwh) Thermic (Mwh) Geothermic (Mwh) Other (Mwh) Total Energy Consumption (Mwh) Domestic (Mwh) Commercial (Mwh) Public Service (Mwh) Industry (Mwh) Public Lighting (Mwh)


Official Currency:

Banking and Insurance:
Number of Banks and Credit Unions:
Number of Agricultural Credit Unions:
Number of Insurance Companies:


Financial Services:

Kish Island has a telephone center furnished with 5800 telephone ports that offers ISDN services and a digital telephone center furnished with 3800 telephone ports as well as a cellular phone network.

Public Ownership:

Land Use:
Kish Island has been divided into four separate districts and no one district is expected to adversely affect the others in terms of the type of activity that is carried out in a particular district. For instance, no industrial unit may be erected in a touristy area. The zoning is based on four land use areas: business district, tourist district, industrial district and residential district.


Marine Activity:


Marine Life:

Critical Issues:



Political System:
Kish Free Zone Organization as a government of the island administered by its own authority and organized as a company with an autonomous legal status; the capital of the company belongs to the government of the Islamic republic of Iran. According to the arrangement of Kish free zone organization, there are six deputies: economy, tourism, development, planning and programming, social, administrative and financial; plus five other management divisions: public and international affairs, legal affaires, inspection and solving complaints, security, auditing; along with affiliated companies.

Political Parties:

Important Legislation:
Kish is a place apart: it has its own distinctive flag, and even the vehicle registration plates are marked in both English and Persian, unlike anywhere else in Iran. In fact almost everything is marked in English, in preparation for what's hoped will be a great influx of foreign visitors in the near future.

Principal Taxes:

Associated Power:




Island Area (km sq.) Population % of Total Population

Year Resident Population

Age of Population: 0-14 15-24 25-49 50-64 65 and up



Crude Birth Rate:

Life Expedctancy:

Crude Death Rate:

The native people of Kish are a combination of Iranians and Arab-Iranians of the country’s southern provinces, who had migrated to the island during its ancient times of prosperity. Thus they speak Farsi and Arabic. The complexion of the native people is dark and their physical characteristics are similar to those of the natives of the southern Iran. The majority of people are Sunni or Shiite Muslims who have established a strong link with each other throughout history.

Class Division:

Kish is a place apart: it has its own distinctive flag, and even the vehicle registration plates are marked in both English and Persian, unlike anywhere else in Iran.



Education System:

Total Pre-schools:()
Total Primary Schools  
First Level:
Second Level:
Third Level:
Total Secondary Schools:
Total Professional Schools


Number of Schools per Island:


Students Enrolled:


Medical Services:
Medical and health care services are provided to residents and tourists by a network of state-run and private sector centers in cooperation with KFZO. Kish Hospital and several medical clinics and centers offer general, surgical, dental, skin, psychological and other medicare services to patients. Kish hospital renders medical services to patients in a wide variety of fields. The construction of a specialized general hospital with 200 beds is underway and 70% of the work has been already completed.


 Kish has a long history of about 3, 000 years, being called under various names such as Kamtina, Arakia, Arakata, and Ghiss in the course of time. The island was known for the quality of its pearls; when Marco Polo was visiting the imperial court in China and remarked on the beauty of those worn by one of the Emperor’s wives, he was told that they had come from Kish. The island fell into decline in the 14th century when it was supplanted by Hormoz. It remained obscure until just before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, when it was developed as an almost private retreat for the Shah and his privileged guests, with its own international airport, palaces, luxury hotels and restaurants and even a grand casino. Shortly after the Revolution the new government appointed a very abled team of managers under Kish Free Zone Organization, KFZO, (formerly KIDO, Kish Island Development Organization) to establish Kish as a free zone, taking advantage of the facilities already in place.


Recent Significant Events:

Music, Dance, Handicraft and Patrimony:


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